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 MP3 Track £1.00  FLAC Track £1.25  WAV Track £1.50
My Selecta drops in with this cracking release on Sub Nation and after enjoying some great success with plays of Radio 1 and phenomenal Dj support with his own Drum Wrks it’s a welcome visit. 31 kicks of proceedings with a nod to a classic Drum & Bass tune from back in the day – we won’t say which one but for those that know, know! Dropping the tempo to steady 130BPM, 31 carries energy with rawness, moodiness with finesse.  Flip side we have Field Music, this time the nod is toward the old skool but still with that raw early Jungle influence all at 130BPM. Kicks fatter than your 80’s kicks laces and a sub bass to topple buildings, this one comes club ready to smash up the dance.  2016: Sub Nation has landed.  Sub Nation Web - http://subnationmusic.comFacebook – -
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